Our vision

Peace Mountain Productions is both a movie producer and a film services company. We have a 30+ year record of documentary and fiction production for broadcast, theatrical, DVD and on-line distribution in Australia, Europe, S.E.Asia and China. With our roots in the Chinese, Australian and European film industries, we are uniquely placed to manage cross-cultural projects with sensitivity and efficiency. 

For nearly 20 years—and for the past 5 years as Peace Mountain Productions—Xiao Jun and Ian Hart have worked together on projects ranging from television documentaries in China and Hong Kong to interactive DVDs in Europe and Indonesia, to Australia-China co-production. We currently have several signed MOUs for collaboration with companies in Beijing and Shanghai.


Our name

Peace Mountain (Tai Ping Shan 太平山) is the Chinese name of the Peak on Hong Kong Island and of the district where the great plague of 1895 was centredthe subject of our feature film project Looking for Johnny Fong. It is also the name of several other peaks in China e.g. in Yilan and Fujian. Taiping is also a name that resonates in Chinese history, from the 14 year rebellion which preceded Sun Yat Sen’s revolution that led to the first Chinese Republic.

The name also resonates with Australian history. A wave of Chinese miners swept into Australia, known as New Gold Mountain (新金山), in the 1850s and featured in the riots at Lambing Flat and the Eureka Stockade. The Chinese have been a part of Australian history from very soon after European settlement. (Even earlier according to the historian Gavin Menzies — 1421: The Year China Discovered the World).